VSCode, TypeScript, AngularJS & Kendo UI

Our team has been heads down working with VSCode, TypeScript, AngularJS, Kendo UI and last but not least NativeScript. VSCode has quickly become our teams de facto IDE and TypeScript has become the standard when it comes to any JS development. TypeScript has definitely helped us with large scale enterprise JS development. I’ve recently published an article on Telerik Developer Network: “Improving Development with TypeScript“, which dives into why TypeScript is an absolute must. If VSCode and/or TypeScript sparks any interest (which it should), have a quick read 🙂

Article: http://developer.telerik.com/featured/improving-development-with-typescript
Live demo: http://kendo-typed.azurewebsites.net/app/diagram/diagram.html


Note: source link can be found in the published article, back-end source code is NodeJS, however it could easily be be hosted on any other back end server e.g. .NET, Java, etc. since it’s really just an AngularJS front end app.

Happy coding..! 🙂

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  2. Hi Long,

    I’m very love your articles that’s so helpful to me. I have question about OData. I’m sorry to post in wrong topic but I cannot to find the way to contact with you. I’m very new in Odata, but I love the way it works. I have problem to use $select in the query, I don’t want to select all fields in a table, but when I try to use $select, the response returns different format that is not the dto that I expected. Could you please tell me the way to overcome it? Thank you so much for your time and for your helpful articles.


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