Quick Example of using Git with CodePlex for Clone, Changes, Commit, Sync & Restoring Missing NuGet Packages

This post is for those of us that are (primarily .NET developers) that have been accustomed to using Team Foundation Server as a source coded repository and now just getting started with Git. Git is a fairly mature and an advanced source code repository with many more features than I’ll actually get into. The intent of this screen cast is to get you started with Visual Studio 2013 Git integration. Although this screen cast uses CodePlex in the demo, the process should be the same for any another Git repository e.g. TFS 2012+, GitHub.com, CodePlex, Visual Studio Online TFS, etc.

*Please configure YouTube player in Full HD for optimal viewing

For more info on CodePlex: http://codeplex.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Using%20Git%20with%20CodePlex