How to Delete a Work Item from Team Foundation Service

Couldn’t seem to find anything on how to delete a Work Item from Team Foundation Service, anyhow, here are the steps.

  1. Install the latest and greatest Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012 Power Tools (
  2. Open a Visual Studio command prompt

    7-7-2013 11-10-06 AM

  3. Use the witadmin destorywi command:

    witadmin destroywi /collection: /id:yourWorkItemId

    Note: when you create a Team Foundation Service account, all your projects will simply reside under the default “DefaultCollection”, this applies to everyone and each account only has this as it’s one and only Project Collection, ever (team) project you create will be under the default “DefaultCollection”.

    7-7-2013 11-13-25 AM

  4. example: witadmin destroywi /collection:https://<yourprefix> /id:1523

    Note: You may get a Microsoft Live Account dialog window, if you aren’t already logged into your Team Foundation Service Portal. If so, simply login as you would normally do when logging into

    7-8-2013 6-03-23 PM

  5. Answer yes, and your work item, will now be deleted.

    7-7-2013 11-16-31 AM