Learning Kendo UI Web Development with MVC Book Published…!

Follow up on one of my previous blog post in regards to Kendo UI Web with MVC book project I had the opportunity to be involved with as a Technical Reviewer, the book is complete and has been published..! Kudos to John Adams (author) from RBA for all the late nights, weekends and hard work I know he put into the project.

For those of you looking for a good starting point, incorporating Kendo UI Web into your MVC project or solution the book has some good real world practical implementations with ASP.NET MVC.

Personally and professionally Kendo UI Web is my client side framework of choice. It’s one solution that offers it all, so that you don’t have into incorporate and include several different frameworks to gain some of the fundamental features of Kendo UI Web, especially when working with MVC.

My personal top favorite features of Kendo UI Web Framework

  • Widgets (client-side controls)
  • MVVM Framework (a must have for modern web apps)
  • Validation Framework
  • Templates
  • Built on top of jQuery
  • Custom UI/UX Themes
  • MVC 4 Sever Side Wrappers
  • SPA (Single Page App) Support (a must have for modern web apps)
  • Globalization
  • DataSource
  • List goes on…


An easy-to-follow practical tutorial to add exciting features to your web pages without being a JavaScript expert with this book and ebook


Learn from clear and specific examples on how to utilize the full range of the Kendo UI tool set for the web
Add powerful tools to your website supported by a familiar and trusted name in innovative technology
Learn how to add amazing features with clear examples and make your website more interactive without being a JavaScript expert

In Detail

Creating useful and attractive web sites for today’s audiences requires more JavaScript programming than ever before. JavaScript, however, isn’t easy and staying up to date with recent trends makes it even harder. You need a way to integrate the latest technology into your web site without having to start from the beginning.

“Learning Kendo UI Web Development” shows you how to add the latest web features to your site without doing all of the work yourself. The experts at Telerik have created a fully supported code library that lets you focus on what makes your sites special while letting them focus on how that translates into cutting edge JavaScript code.

This book will take you on a survey through Kendo UI for the web from the basic widgets that wrap input fields to the full page scaffolding widgets for setting up your site.

Kendo UI for the web is a rich framework of JavaScript widgets and tools that will add immediate value to your web sites. Learn the full spectrum of what Kendo UI has to offer in specialized widgets that gather input from users by displaying calendars, sliders, or date pickers all the way up to widgets that structure your web pages through data-driven models in accordions, tabs, list views, and tree views.

“Learning Kendo UI Web Development” is the perfect companion for navigating the broad features offered by Telerik in JavaScript web development.

What you will learn from this book

  • Leverage data source objects and JavaScript templates with the TabStrip and Grid widgets
  • Guide users in date selection with the Calendar widget
  • Create fast and fluid word wheels with the AutoComplete widget and date selection with the Calendar widget
  • Take advantage of the powerful MVVM JavaScript architectural pattern
  • Take full HTML input from users with a graphical editor
  • Structure your site with the Menu and ListView widgets
  • Build interactive accordions with the PanelBar widget and a fun way to select numbers with the Slider widget
  • Organize your data with the Splitter and TreeView widgets and Customize pop-up windows and file uploads with the Window and Upload widgets


A practical tutorial with step-by-step example based approach.

Who this book is written for

This book is for web developers who want to take advantage of cutting edge JavaScript and HTML 5 web site features, but who don’t have the time or the knowledge to write all of that code by hand. The reader should be familiar with basic HTML 5 and JavaScript but does not need to be an expert.


John Adams currently works as an application development consultant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a fantastic company called RBA. He has been developing custom business applications with the Microsoft .NET platform for 6 years and has specialized in development with ASP.NET MVC. He loves writing code and creating solutions. Above all, he loves his wife and children and the lord Jesus Christ.

This book is dedicated to Michell, Samuel, and Sophie whose patience with my late nights made this project possible.

I would also like to thank RBA, especially my manager Will, who introduced me to the project and kicked everything off.

Finally, I would like to thank Kartikey Pandey, Anugya Khurana, Mayur Hule, Ricardo Covo, and Long Le for their oversight and editing skills. Their work has been exceptional and valuable throughout.


Ricardo Covo has more than a decade of international experience in the Software Development field, with experience in Latin America, California, and Canada. He has a wealth of experience in delivering data-driven enterprise solutions across various industries.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering, complemented with a certification in Advanced Project Management, he has the right combination of technical and leadership skills to build development teams and set them up for efficient execution.

In 2007 he founded (and is the principal of) Web Nodes – Software Development (http://webnodes.ca); a custom software development company, with clients big and small in Canada, United States, and South America.

Prior to Web Nodes, Ricardo spent some years in the corporate world both in Canada and in the U.S., being part of companies such as Loblaws Inc., Trader Corporation, UNX (http://www.unix.com) and Auctiva (http://www.auctiva.com).

Ricardo’s passion for technology goes beyond work; he normally works on personal projects in an effort to always remain on top of the changes in technology. These projects include: http://ytnext.com, http://serversok.com, and http://toystrunk.com.

Long Le is a Principle .NET Architect and ALM Practitioner at CBRE. He also serves as consultant for Thinklabs and spends most of his time developing frameworks and application blocks, providing guidance for best practices and patterns, and standardizing the enterprise technology stack. He has been working with Microsoft technologies for over 10 years.

Le has focused on a wide spectrum of server-side and web technologies, such as ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Windows Workflow, LINQ and Entity Framework, DevExpress, and Kendo UI. In his spare time, he enjoys blogging (http://blog.longle.net) and playing Call of Duty on his XBOX. He’s recently became a proud father of his new born daughter Khloe Le. You can reach and follow him on Twitter @LeLong37.

Special thanks to my significant other Tina Le for all your love and support throughout this project and to my wonderful newborn daughter Khloe Le. I love you.


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