ASP.NET (WebRole), Azure SDK & Azure SQL (Intro to Azure – Part 3)

Create a simple ASP.NET (WebRole) application with VS 2010, Azure SDK 1.1 and SQL Azure (Cloud).

  1. Download and install SQL Server Express 2008 R2 Edition
    if you have a full version of SQL 2008 R2 then you will need to configure Azure SDK using the DSInit command utility which I will cover in a separate blog. Also the latest version of Azure SDK will not run on a virtual instance. This is promised to be fixed from MS

  2. Download and install Windows Azure SDK v1.1

For this demo we will quickly do a POC with databinding to an instance of SQL Azure with the AdventureWorks database we loaded in the previous demo. We are using my favorite ASP.NET UI controls from DevExpress, however you can wreak the same havoc using out of the box ASP.NET controls.